Work Place Coaching for Enhanced Organizational Performance

In an endeavour to establish and embed coaching culture at Tangaza University College, The Leaders Guild over the past 2 years has held a series of workshops in coaching. The fourth workshop was held on 12-13th October 2017 in partnership with Iweza: Lead by Choice: Director & ICF Certified Coach, Kimunya Mugo.

Coaching is described as one the best strategic tools for driving organizational performance and the main objective of the workshop was to create awareness on the benefits of workplace coaching at an individual and organizational level and for participants to experience coaching.

The workshop session started with a word of prayer by Sr. Elizabeth Isingi and Kathleen Lihanda gave a brief introduction on TLG. Thereafter: Kimunya Mugo invited participants to write their expectations of the training and aided an exercise that helps one view a situation from different perspectives. It is a coaching philosophy; that helps the client/coachee gain insight and inspiration, come up with their own solutions to maximize their potential.

A key highlight of the training was an address by Michael Oyier, ICF Kenya Chapter Board Member who joined the team to help endorse, develop and advance coaching as a professional practice in Kenya.

Kimunya facilitated the next session to help participants gain a clear understanding of what coaching is and the similarities/differences between other interventions i.e. counseling, training, spiritual direction, trainings, consulting and mentoring.

An analysis of statistics presented from Global Consumer Awareness indicated that the coaching return on investment for companies, was 7 times and for individuals was at 3.44 times. 86% of the companies indicated they gained return on their investment in coaching and in addition achieved learning, clarity, commitment to measurable outcomes. Enhanced work performance was rated at 70% from the companies surveyed.

Sr. Margaret Mutiso; thereafter, engaged participants in a session that addressed “Using coaching to mould organizational culture which elicited interesting group discussions as team members focused on their organizational culture and how coaching can enhance performance.

Jacqueline Abuor in the afternoon described “coaching as a conversation with intent” while addressing coaching needs. Indicated that; coaching needs are not cast in stone and at times personal/organizational coaching needs are interrelated i.e. life/work integration. Once the most unrelenting need is addressed, the interconnecting puzzles fall into place leading to win-win outcome for the employees, team leader and the organization and is the ultimate goal of work place coaching.

Kimunya Mugo, then gave a presentation on communication skills dubbed the “Joy of report Writing” that illustrated how simple structures can help one achieve desired outcomes when faced with tasks that are perceived as undesirable.

The second day started on a high note with an Inspirational presentation of the Art of Significance: 4 areas to win in life and thrive at work which were described as Philosophy, Purpose, Presence and Persistence.

The participants thereafter got the opportunity to experience coaching as TLG ICF Certified Organizational Effectiveness Coaches and Kimunya Mugo facilitated group sessions through out the day. From the feedback/evaluations, the exercise was helpful in gaining practical understanding of coaching and it’s value.

TLG was honored to have Tangaza University College, Vice Chancellor Designate Rev. Prof. Stephen Mbugua, CLM Director Sr. Dr. Agnes Njeri and Sr. Loretta Brennan give the closing remarks and issue cerificate of participation to the attendees. Also thanked in absentia was DePaul University, School for New Learning and Conrad N. Hilton Foundation for their continued support.

The Vice Chancellor reiterated Tangaza’s support towards organizing coaching workshops for the staff and closed the workshop with a word of prayer for the Nation.

Complied by Jacqueline Abuor